Nasty Juice - Ballin Hippie Trail 50ml Shortfill

Nasty Juice - Ballin Hippie Trail 50ml Shortfill

Hippie Trail Nasty Ballin by Nasty Juice 60ml is a sharp and bright blend of lemon and lime flavors that will intoxicate you in the way that only citrus fruits can. The subtle sweetness takes the edge off of the mouth-puckering tartness that these two fruits have to offer.


With every inhale, the tart notes of lemons and limes instantly makes your tongue salivate, making you swear that you’ve just bitten into a fresh citrus fruit. The zesty notes thrill your senses and put a smile on your face. With every exhale, a hint of sweetness provides balance.


Hippie Trail Nasty Ballin vape juice from Nasty Juice comes in a 60ml with a 70/30 VG/PG base, ideal for good fog production and a solid hit to the throat.

You’ll feel invigorated by the zesty flavor that this e liquid delivers.


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