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Nasty Juice- Ballin Migos Moon

Nasty Juice- Ballin Migos Moon

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Migos Moon Nasty Ballin by Nasty Juice 60ml is a thirst-quenching lemonade vape sensation that’s infused with the fresh juice of ripe oranges. You’ll enjoy nothing but glorious citrus flavor as this beverage-inspired treat soaks into the palate.


Once you begin to inhale enough vapor, that instant sharp taste of lemon zest dazzles your palate with its bright, mood-lifting taste. Then, orange juice saturates your tongue with its rejuvenating flavor. The two citrus fruits run down the throat to satisfy your thirst before the sugary lemonade taste takes over on the exhale.


Migos Moon Nasty Ballin vape juice from Nasty Juice comes in a 60ml bottle with a 70/30 VG/PG cloud chasing and throat hit base.


Every pull will refresh you tremendously, making this the perfect e liquid flavor for the summer season.

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