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Nasty Juice - Ballin Passion Killa

Nasty Juice - Ballin Passion Killa

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Passion Killa Nasty Ballin by Nasty Juice 60ml is a thirst-quenching treat that delivers nothing but fresh passion fruit flavor. The tart, tangy and sweet notes of this beloved tropical fruit will make you forget about your problems and drift away to paradise.


As you inhale, the thrilling tartness of fresh, exotic passion fruit makes your taste buds tingle. The tang slowly emerges, refreshing your palate. The exhale provides you with the natural, gentle sweetness that this tropical fruit has to offer.


Passion Killa Nasty Ballin vape juice from Nasty Juice arrives in a 60ml bottle with a passionate cloud and flavor chasing base of 70/30 VG/PG to meet your vaping needs.


Get ready to find yourself reaching for this exquisite e liquid delight all day long, especially during those months of summer

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