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Coilology Prebuilt Wire

Coilology Prebuilt Wire

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Coilology Prebuilt wires .  Made in the uk


Twisted Clapton Nichrome80 10FT 1.62ohm/FT 4-28/36
Twisted Clapton SS316L 10FT 1.34ohm/FT 3-28/38
Juggernaut Nichrome80 10FT 1.46ohm/FT 2-26/.1*.4/2-36
Chain Link Nichrome80 10FT 1.61/FT 4-28
Twisted Nichrome80 10FT 1.62ohm/FT 4-28
Twisted SS316L 10FT 1.34ohm/FT 3-28
Juggernaut SS316L 10FT 0.91ohm/FT 2-26/.1*.4/2-38
Juggernaut Nichrome80 10FT 2.60ohm/FT 2-28/.1*.4/2-36


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