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Deadrabbit RDA V3 24mm Hellvape

Deadrabbit RDA V3 24mm Hellvape

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The Dead Rabbit 3 RDA is the newest in the Dead Rabbit RDA series featuring a few changes to create an even better RDA, one of the most noticable changes is the overall airflow design, now featuring multiple options in one to choose from to further fine tune to suit your vaping style, with the option for Honeycomb style or slot style, both are which are adjustable by simply turning the topcap to open or close off the wholes. 


The next big change from the v1 and v2 is the posts, on previous versions the posts have been square posts on the v3 the posts are now rounded off to create greater space to cut the coil legs aswell as increase the amount of space for the air to flow. 


Following on with the Dead Rabbit style, the V3 is also squonker RDA with an impressive 5mm deep juice well with side feeding design for quicker eliquid transfer to the cotton, the Squonk pin isnt installed into the the device and does come pre-installed with a fixed pin, the squonk pin is included in the packaging

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