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Element Klik Klak - Aloe Grape 20mg

Element Klik Klak - Aloe Grape 20mg

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Klik Klak disposable vapes are unique in every way.


These disposable vapes work like magic: each device can be magnetically paired interchangeably with another Klik Klak bar to create a different flavour combination. Available in the choice of 10 pre-filled flavours with up to 600 puffs each, each Klik Klak disposable device gives you the chance to experiment with 55 flavour combinations!

With so many combos to try, there may be some flavour fusions that you've never even thought to pair together before!


Each device comes with a 2ml pre-filled pod which contains a 20mg nicotine salt.

With Klik Klak, the flavour choice is really in your hands. Klik, Klak, mix, match, and enjoy!

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