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Vazeporizer - Herbal vaporizer

Vazeporizer - Herbal vaporizer

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The Vazeporizer is a vaporizer for herbs and other dry materials.
It is used with dry plants and is used to release the active ingredients of the material contained in the form of vapor.

VAZEPORIZER - Detailed description


The Vazeporizer is a vaporizer of herbs and other dry materials developed in France.


It is used with dry plants and is used to release the active ingredients of the material contained in the form of vapor.


The objective is to best support smokers / vapers in their process of abandoning combustion through vaporization.


VAZEPORIZER - The strong points 


By adopting Vazeporizer, you will benefit from:

  • A glass mouthpiece ;
  • ceramic vaporization chamber;
  • 3 vaporization temperature modes to choose from according to your preferences;
  • made in France innovation created to facilitate the transition of smokers to vaping;
  • Consumption without combustion generating neither ash, tar nor bad odors;
  • 3 battery indicator modes (green: 67% to 100%, blue mode: 34% to 66% and red mode 1% to 33% charge.);
  • USB-C charging mode;
  • And a protection mechanism for the vaporization mode.


VAZEPORIZER - Care and storage tips



After each use, clean the vaporization chamber using the brush provided to remove any residue. Using a cotton swab soaked in denatured alcohol, clean the inside of the compartment.



Remove the mouthpiece. Clean the inside walls of the mouthpiece with a pipe cleaning swab dipped in denatured alcohol.



Keep your VAZEPORIZER locked up and out of reach of children and animals, at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Do not store your VAZEPORIZER at a temperature above 30°C.


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